I’ve had free checking since 2004 for both my personal and business accounts. That happened when I left the big bank, which for me was HSBC, and went to a smaller bank, which at the time was called Charter One. Then we hit the banking crisis and the federal government got into the mix, and […]

Actually, it’s just a bit longer than a month. By August 15th, consumers are supposed to make a decision with their bank accounts as to whether they want overdraft protection or not. It’s something I originally wrote about in February, but since we’re close to the date I felt it was a good time to […]

Everyone might not see it this way, but I think this is a pleasant surprise. Bank of America has taken the proactive step of saying that they’re eliminating overdraft fees on debit card purchases. Well, that’s kind of a misnomer, but it works for the moment. What they’re going to do if you use your […]

Every once in awhile I get a shock when I look at my bank balance online. It’s not because I’m overdrawn, but I will notice that it’s less than what I thought I had. The problem is that I don’t consistently balance my checkbook. I do check balances, and I do balance most of the […]

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