Actually, yes we do, and that’s almost too bad. It’s an interesting thing to talk about, whether and why we need credit cards. I came upon an article on a site called The Grio (I don’t know) titled Credit Is The New Crack, where a writer named Dr. Boyce Watkins compared credit card companies to […]

By now, everyone in America has heard about the bailout that the big three car companies have been begging for. There are people on both sides of the fence on this one, but the overwhelming majority of people in this country, at least according to CNN, feel that the government should let the car companies […]

I’m presently in Reno, Nevada, on a consulting assignment. Reno is an interesting city in more ways than one, but most people know about the casinos, more than anything else. Here’s the thing about casinos. Parking is always free at almost every casino I’ve ever been to. Here in Reno, parking is free at every […]

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