This morning it was announced that unemployment has finally decided to go in the direction we’re all hoping for, as it dropped from 10.2% at the end of October to 10% at the end of November. There were fewer jobs lost in November, which helped contribute to the figure. It’s the best report in more […]

Back in July, I wrote a post on the impending problems coming regarding commercial real estate. Well, it seems it’s ready to start showing its anger, and man, did it start off near the top. Capmark Financial Group, one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate lenders, which also used to be known as GMAC […]

I was reading an article on Newsweek’s online site titled Bank On More Failures. The writer was interviewing Lawrence J. White, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business on the subject. White basically believes that hundreds of small banks are going to fail, not necessarily because of the real estate problems with […]

By now, everyone knows that the housing market has been bad. Even here, I’ve talked about the problem with the housing market. It’s now time to get ready for the next danger; the commercial real estate market is also on the verge of collapse. That’s what came from a report by the Joint Economic Committee, […]

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