Almost 2 1/2 years ago I wrote a post titled Why Prescription Drug Costs Are So High. I walked through the steps of how these things come to market, and it’s a pretty comprehensive list. I hope you check that out because, unless you already understand the process, you might not understand the rest of […]

Everyone has had to get a prescription drug at some point. Whether it’s first run or generic, the costs of pharmaceuticals are pretty high. Without insurance of some kind, at some point you’d never be able to afford the medication you need to take for your health. Many people lament the cost of these things, […]

Last week I had a meeting with a potential client to discuss social media issues. When she learned I had a medical billing background, she asked me if medical billing programs that teach you how to bill from home are a scam. My response was yes and no. Medical billing courses that teach people how […]

Yesterday I wrote about the problem of fake insurance plans taking advantage of people. Today I’m going in a slightly different direction, because many of these people, including myself, have insurance. Back in January I wrote about the most important financial consideration being health care coverage. After a story came out yesterday saying that 60% […]

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