A big topic in the credit card and debt relief world over the past couple of years has been credit card hardship programs. The reality is, as a result of the financial recession that we all faced, many consumers are now dealing with overwhelming credit card debt. Although the economy may be slowly getting better […]

College can be an extremely exciting time for most students. It’s their first time away from home, and they’re anxious to get to their new classes and discover everything that life has in store for them. Unfortunately, one of the most common things that life has in store for them are brand-new credit cards. A […]

Debtors usually file for bankruptcy for two reasons: to protect themselves from creditors and to get rid of unsecured debt. The latter has become more and more popular as people rack up credit card debt and fall victim to the tanking economy. But bankruptcy isn’t the only way out—in fact, it should be more of […]

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