Prepaid cards, prepaid debit cards, prepaid gift cards, reloadable cards – whatever term is used to describe them these cards are continuously gaining popularity in the financial world. In a time when people are finding themselves in more debt than ever and not being able to afford the fees that are associated with credit card […]

It seems that Visa and Mastercard are lamenting the old days of being able to stick it to, well, us. That’s because a new law will eliminate many of the fees they’ve been adding to transactions for years, which have driven up prices, in essence saying they’re frivolous and not needed for the reason these […]

Faced with the loss of many millions from the ending of all those bank fees due to being overdrawn, many banks are coming out with new ways to stick it to consumers so that they can build up their coffers once more. Of course last November I wrote about Citibank and Bank of America raising […]

Finally a few more protections from the people who issued credit cards have gone into place. As of last Tuesday, laws were enacted that state if you make a late payment credit card companies can only hit you up for $25 late fee if it happens only once, and then no more than $35 if […]

There was a story on today regarding what’s coming as it pertains to credit cards, and none of it is good news. Some of what the story talks about I’ve addressed here in different stories, while some things are new. In essence, he has six points, which I’m going to list here, and I […]

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