Too many people are struggling with debt that should be easy to control. Credit cards make buying things easy, and low payments make us feel like we’ve got full control. Mike Bitzenhofer via Compfight Unfortunately, life isn’t always quite that simple. It turns out that minimum payments on credit cards could be the difference between […]

It’s been a while since I wrote about budgeting and credit cards. Throughout this post I’ll link to some previous articles on those subjects because they may lend more weight to this particular one. killerturnip via Compfight Before you decide to take action on your debt you need to know what it is. Whether it’s […]

By now, everyone knows what’s going on in Greece. In another day we’ll find out if the government, which means the country, goes bankrupt and destroys their financial status around the world. They’ve been extended an olive branch that none of us would ever get and turned it down. If they have a miracle coming, […]