A new study came out recently that said many people are still interested in buying and owning a home, even with all the mess that’s been the housing market over the past few years. Of course, there are a lot of great deals in many states so it makes buying attractive. Still, one has to […]

Anyone who’s ever grown up with a brother or sister has probably been taught the value of sharing at a very early age. I had a younger brother growing up, so I learned from a rather early age to hate the “S” word. But while we all (well, most of us anyway) eventually learn that […]

Many people are still having problems with their finances, and it’s scary. Some know they’re not making enough money, which is obviously a problem. Some don’t think they’re making enough money because they’re in debt, and what they probably need is some budgeting advice. And some know they’re making enough money, they’re spending that money, […]

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