A clean credit history is an important thing to have if you want to apply for loans and financial services like credit cards or store credit. There is no national blacklist for poor credit, but there is a system whereby lenders can request information on your credit rating from companies like Experian and Callcredit. Understanding […]

Last March I wrote about the efforts the Federal Trade Commission was putting through trying to get FreeCreditReport.com to change its advertising so that they had to disclose the fact that their credit report wasn’t actually free, but instead a shill trying to get everyone to buy credit monitoring services instead. They even went so […]

There was a story on MSNBC.com today regarding what’s coming as it pertains to credit cards, and none of it is good news. Some of what the story talks about I’ve addressed here in different stories, while some things are new. In essence, he has six points, which I’m going to list here, and I […]

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