Mortgage modification is relieving when you face difficulties with your mortgage payment. In mortgage modification, the term of your existing mortgage loan gets modified and the loan payment becomes less troublesome. If you’re missing your mortgage payments due to severe debt problems, then your lender may agree to help you out by offering mortgage modification. […]

Nearly all insurance companies use credit scores, both to decide whether or not to approve you for a plan, and to decide what you will pay every month. Credit is not all that is evaluated however, and you’re not completely lost if you’ve ever missed a payment or borrowed a lot of money at once. […]

The housing market is on its way to recovery across the country and there are lots of great deals out there. Thus, the question as to whether it’s the best time to guy a home seems like a slam dunk “yes”. But life just isn’t that easy. I’m not saying “yes” isn’t the right answer; […]