A question that is often heard straight from college students is “how can i start building my credit?”. Everyone has to start from somewhere and it is not easy to get a card, if you have absolutely no credit history. If you are lucky, you might be able to get a relative to co-sign for […]

Financial experts and ordinary punters around the world have been waiting for the latest consumer credit numbers to be released in the US. The numbers are out and although on a surface they give us lots of reasons to be happy, as we dig deeper, we discover a worrying trend. A positive shift was predicted […]

Last year around this time I wrote a post titled A Plan For Turning The Economy Around. In that post, I gave five things I thought could help: no more tax breaks move up the implementation of the credit card legislation firm up credit criteria have a plan for the bailout plan help the states […]

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner stated Wednesday that banks and other financial institutions need to do more to help end the credit crunch that they started. To whit, he said “This credit crunch is not over. “It may feel dramatically better for large companies, but it is not over for small businesses across the country.” He […]

Actually, yes we do, and that’s almost too bad. It’s an interesting thing to talk about, whether and why we need credit cards. I came upon an article on a site called The Grio (I don’t know) titled Credit Is The New Crack, where a writer named Dr. Boyce Watkins compared credit card companies to […]

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