I learned the basics of cutting building costs at age 8 when my dad acquired five dump trucks full of used brick from an historic church in downtown Boise, Idaho. My brothers and I spent the entire summer cleaning bricks for 1 cent per brick. Since the company that demolished the building only charged a […]

Working from home is the carrot that dangles in front of people’s eyes. It represents the ultimate freedom, freedom from the corporate world, freedom from overbearing bosses, and freedom from a schedule set on auto-pilot day in and day out. The problem with working from home is that the money isn’t always flowing in as […]

A recent survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) asked hospitals what was the most important thing for them to do in 2010. The number one response was to cut costs. As soon as my mind saw that, one word immediately popped into my head: “Still?” Many people believe hospitals are making money hand over […]

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