These days, dealing with credit card debt isn’t something that just a few people share in common. The reality is, the vast majority of consumers in the United States carry credit card balances in the thousands of dollars! When it comes to dealing with their debts however, many consumers jump at the opportunity provided by […]

With so many demands on household income, it’s easy to fall into debt despite the best of intentions. A change in circumstances, a drop in income or a rise in expenditure, can all result in a spiral of unmanageable debt. Jason Rogers via Compfight In the vast majority of cases, prioritizing your payments so that […]

Consolidating debt can be a great way for American consumers to get out of debt by finally paying off their high interest loans. Debt consolidation can be a financial lifeline for people who feel overwhelmed by the amount of debt that they owe. It can also be a good way for consumers who are keeping […]

There have been a couple of articles on this blog about debt consolidation, but none have addressed the main question, which is if debt consolidation is a good deal or not. On the surface it seems like a good thing, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing at all; let’s take a look at a […]

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