We talk about debt all the time, in different ways. The country talks about debt as well. For years we heard about the debt President Bush left us in and the debt that President Obama has allowed to increase. Yet, when you look at it, debt isn’t bad across the board. Let’s take a look […]

The process of debt consolidation begins by taking a look at your outstanding debt. This is something every person or couple should do before considering going for some kind of debt consolidation loan or other debt relief. Asian Development Bank via Compfight There are three ways you can do this, but each way will initially […]

A month ago I wrote a post here giving a nice little blueprint to millennials on how to start investing by age 20 and, following my plan, showing how much money they could have by age 65. I wish I’d known that when I was at that age, but I didn’t; always glad to pass […]

For two generations Americans have forgotten what it means to save money. The concept of credit introduced in the late 1960’s ushered in an era of buy-now-pay- whenever and the plastic mentality soon became deep-seated in modern day consumerism. _Dinkel_ via Compfight The Diner’s Club was the first to trial the idea of shopping on […]

There probably isn’t a person on earth, including Donald Trump and Bill Gates, who hasn’t been in financial trouble from time to time. This is to be expected, but there are others who seem to be a magnet for the debt collector. With all the financial ‘gurus’ running around offering advice, you would think there […]

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