I am an independent consultant, and my wife is independent as well. This means that we finally had to address the issue of health care because of the Affordable Care Act. Obviously this was something much different for us, but it’s especially different for someone like me, as my main background is as a consultant […]

The financial balancing act is proving to be a tricky one for many Americans right now. With the general cost of living in the US continuing to soar as a result of the country’s subprime crisis and the recent global financial downturn, you’ll need to be prudent about making savings wherever possible. If you set […]

By now everyone has heard a little bit about the advertised possible Medicare plan of Representative Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin. Controversial? You bet. Thinking outside the box? Definitely. Good idea; not even close. After the Democrats were able to pass the health care bill last year, the Republicans spent an entire year beating it […]

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