Supposedly the stock market has ended its worst quarter in more than 3 years. The Dow Jones lost 12.5%, Standard & Poor’s dropped more than 14%, the European blue-chip stock fell 17%, the Hong Kong market fell 21.5%, and Brazilian shares fell 16%. Even the price of gold, which was being pushed heavily this year […]

The stock markets of the world are in a strange flux these days. It seems lately like it’s a daily occurrence to have the market, most specifically Dow Jones, either dropping more than 400 points a day or jumping more than 400 points a day. It’s enough to make all of us start questioning whether […]

The Dow Jones Industrials took it on the chin for most of May, finishing with the worst performance in 70 years. Even though it came up from its fall under 10,000, closing at 10,136.63 on Friday, the final figure was a 7.9% loss for the month. It’s the percentage that makes May 1940 worse, as […]