You have probably heard three main things about emergency funds: 1. It’s important. 2. Have one. 3. Start now. Marwa Morgan via Compfight However, some people have disagreed about the importance of an emergency fund (EF). In the traditional sense of the term, that is. A traditional emergency fund, which here we will define as […]

Unless you love living paycheck to paycheck, most experts are going to tell you that you must have some sort of emergency fund. This fund, as the name states is going to be used for “emergency” purposes only, but what most people don’t realize is that they may be using this fund for the wrong […]

It happens to everybody at least once. You’re finally starting to get ahead of the game, and then life happens. Some expensive event comes at you without warning, and you find yourself once again far from your goals. Michael Porter via Compfight There’s not much you can do to prevent this situation from happening. It’s […]

Many people are still having problems with their finances, and it’s scary. Some know they’re not making enough money, which is obviously a problem. Some don’t think they’re making enough money because they’re in debt, and what they probably need is some budgeting advice. And some know they’re making enough money, they’re spending that money, […]

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