Sometimes you learn your financial lessons by having them hit you in your own wallet. Today I received my bill from our utilities company, and I was somewhat stunned. It had gone up another $54 since the previous month, and just over $100 since September. I couldn’t figure out why. True, it’s almost winter, and […]

There is a lot of conversation these days over the House of Representatives passage of a energy bill that would create a “cap and trade” system for carbon emissions. If you aren’t familiar with the proposed system, here’s the basic concept. Utility and other companies would be required to have a permit with an attached […]

Over the winter, when gas and oil prices were very low, I kept wondering why my utility bill was so high, and getting higher every month. Sure, I live in a cold part of the country, but it was my thought that when prices when down, my bill would go down. I was even on […]

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