Well, this was a long time coming. Last week it was reported that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was going to start investigating about 50 bank executives to see what their part might have been in the financial crisis our country’s been in. They think that some of what happened might have come right […]

On April 30th, 7 banks were closed, including 3 in Puerto Rico, bringing this year’s total for bank closures to 64. That’s a figure that we didn’t hit last year until August. Based on the speed we’ve been at so far, we could conceivably hit 190 banks or more closed by the end of the […]

This is scary; so far in 2010, 37 banks have been closed, with 7 banks being closed on Friday. For comparison purposes, last year around this time there were only 21 banks closed. As a matter of fact, there’s the possibility that if 5 banks are closed by this Friday it’ll double what was closed […]