So officially we’re not in a recession anymore, right? Well tell that to families, as census statistics reported that income went down for the second year in a row, there are fewer families making $100,000 a year in income, there are more people without health insurance and there are more people living in poverty, 14.3%. […]

Ten days ago I said that investing one’s money takes confidence. It seems I was more accurate on that point than ever, as August 2010 turns out to be the worst August since 2001, and that was days before what happened to the World Trade Center. The Dow dropped 4.3% in August, including dipping under […]

We’ve all seen those gift cards that people can buy for others. Some mirror regular credit cards, while others are for specific retailers. The problem with those cards is that they all come with fees of all sorts, and one never knows exactly what those fees are, and that’s just plain wrong. Some people end […]