This week started the new administration of around 37 governors. Why anyone would want this job right now is astounding because there isn’t a single one of them walking into a pleasant situation. Every state is in financial distress. Most governors got elected promising things that there’s almost no way they can sustain. No new […]

Who’d have thunk it. For most of the first decade of the 2000’s, people were spending money like there was no tomorrow. Even as the economy started to show signs of trouble, people kept buying. And why not; credit was easily attainable and credit card issuers couldn’t give cards away fast enough. Then in early […]

We’ve all seen those gift cards that people can buy for others. Some mirror regular credit cards, while others are for specific retailers. The problem with those cards is that they all come with fees of all sorts, and one never knows exactly what those fees are, and that’s just plain wrong. Some people end […]

On Monday, the CARD Law of 2009 that was passed last May finally goes into effect, which is supposed to offer lots of protections to Americans that these greedy banks have been throwing at us. Well, at least things the law addressed before banks had time to change some things up before this law went […]

First, I’ve decided that I will only talk about specific bank closings from this point on to the rest of the year only if a major bank of some kind is involved, or if there’s something specifically newsworthy about it. The number is now up to 123, and climbing Instead, let’s talk about the latest […]

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