On another blog, I wrote an article titled 7 Financial Issues To Discuss With Elderly Family Members. Although that article was specific to elderly family members, truth be told some of those issues are the same that couples or those who are thinking about becoming couples need to think about. by Désirée Fawn Unfortunately, not […]

Let’s face this fact; the overwhelming majority of Americans, and possibly people in other countries, really do a bad job of handling their money properly. I tend to believe it’s because most people really don’t think about learning anything about finances until they get into trouble. Taking it a step further, if they did want […]

Life is about knowing our limitations. In nature, it is an obvious fact that birds do not run particularly well, they fly. When they do try to run, the consequences can be deadly. This thought filled my mind as I swerved to avoid hitting the carcass of a large dead bird in the road. As […]