The last blog post of 2015 here was related to finding ways to relieve financial stress. There are some pretty good tips in that post, if I say so myself (I do since I wrote it) but I didn’t mention whether or not any of them were part of my own financial goals. Matre via […]

If we believe the Mayan calendar, this is the last year of our existence, so we might as well have some fun. However, if it turns out we’re still going to be around, we might as well plan for the future, and even if it’s only this year, why not do what we can up […]

The past couple of years I’ve set financial goals for myself. Last year’s financial goals didn’t quite come to fruition. I only hit one of those goals, and it only happened recently. While only hitting one financial goal could be seen as depressing, I’d have to say it’s better to set financial goals than not […]

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