Let’s face the fact that the thing we stress over more than anything else relates to money. It’s always about money; do we have enough, too much (okay, I don’t know anyone who stresses over having too much), bills, savings, investing, being robbed, taxes… ugh. Frédéric Poirot via Compfight You know what? Turns out that […]

There probably isn’t a person on earth, including Donald Trump and Bill Gates, who hasn’t been in financial trouble from time to time. This is to be expected, but there are others who seem to be a magnet for the debt collector. With all the financial ‘gurus’ running around offering advice, you would think there […]

Yesterday President Obama was sworn in for his second term in office and today is the inauguration party; I wonder why these president’s keep forgetting to put me on the invite list. Anyway, as we move into another 4 year term, I realize there are a lot of issues on the table that our government […]