There probably isn’t a person on earth, including Donald Trump and Bill Gates, who hasn’t been in financial trouble from time to time. This is to be expected, but there are others who seem to be a magnet for the debt collector. With all the financial ‘gurus’ running around offering advice, you would think there […]

Talk about timing. I started this blog in December 2008, just after Barack Obama had been elected president but before he took office. Since this is a finance blog and I was tracking things at that time, I can easily go back through the archives to see what was going on back then and compare […]

The first warm sunshine of the year can be a time for renewal, not just in the home with the traditional spring clean, but also for your finances. Most of us, provided we don’t meet with any disasters such as sudden loss of income, don’t pay much attention to our finances from day to day. […]

When you were younger and likely had fewer personal and professional responsibilities, hiring a financial advisor was probably the very last thing on your mind. However, as you pass basic milestones, like buying a house, starting a family, and investing in stocks or properties, your financial life becomes increasingly more complicated. At some point, you […]

Money is precious and it’s always good to find a way to make it go further. We’ve found some really helpful financial tools (from the US and the UK) for planning your spending and tracking where your money is going, which can really help to plan for the future. 1. Budget templates for Excel The […]

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