The middle class usually braves the onslaught of economic turmoil mostly unscathed, but this particular crisis seems to have brought harsher times for people across the spectrum. The worst part of it though is that most of the middle class don’t fall into the “benefit class” that their taxes have paid for in the preceding […]

Every major financial publication will have their own list of what they consider as the top financial stories of the year, so we’ve decided to do the same thing here. The top 5 stories will be based on articles written on this blog in 2011, so if it happened but it wasn’t covered here, then […]

This is the 300th post of Top Finance Blog. It comes just beyond 18 months of ownership after taking it over from someone else who decided after a month that he didn’t have the time for it. I’ve been giving some consideration as to just where I believe this blog should go. I’ve written many […]

The final financial post of 2009 for Top Finance Blog, and I thought it would be interesting to see what the best and the worst financial news of the year was. There was way more bad news than good news, and to answer the question of which one we want to address first, let’s get […]

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