Reduce cars’ gas mileage costs by following efficient driving habits and keeping vehicles in proper conditions. Fuel-efficient practices should be followed to improve gas mileage, which can save hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis. Fill the gas tank based on the car manufacturer’s recommended octane grade for extra savings. Drivers can save a considerable […]

Gas prices are falling, not because OPEC did the right thing in increasing production but because people have decided they’re tired of being slaves to high gas prices and are finding other ways to spend their dollars. It’s interesting seeing how the reduction of demand is lowering gas prices, since that same thing doesn’t work […]

The NYSE has fallen for the sixth week in a row, and finally dipped below 12,000. Although I’m not all that surprised, since I keep trying to figure out what financial statistics made it grow to that extent in the first place, it seems that the never ending worries about gas and oil have a […]