In this unstable economy, no one knows what will become of the US dollar. We all know that as of right now its value is at an all time low, and continuing this decline. However, are there other commodities that will be worth something when everything else has crashed? The good news is, yes, there […]

Have you ever wondered why gold is so popular? For most men it’s just a metal that’s shiny and yellow and thus it’s value isn’t fully understood. For women it’s because of its shininess and its popularity with other women. But for gold investors it takes on a much different meaning, and that meaning goes […]

When doing research or reading in financial topics, or even simply talking to investors or people who deal in finance, it is common to hear the term “gold investment” thrown around without any real explanation. Many people are aware that investing in gold is possible, but they do not understand exactly what the point of […]

If you’ve considered diversifying your investments, you’ve probably looked into commodity trading. Commodity trading is a safe way to invest, considering that commodity prices (such as prices for gold) are universal and enduring. In order to begin commodity trading, it is highly advisable to consult a commodity broker. In case you’re wondering what that means, […]

When you look around the world right now there aren’t a lot of great investment opportunities. The FTSE 100 was at a 6 month low of 5007 last week as investors panicked over the UK’s increasing budget deficit and the US markets are no better. by Giorgio Montefiore via Flickr The past week saw the […]

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