Well, this is interesting. The United States election day is tomorrow, although many states have had early voting (I’d never heard of that before) so some votes have already been cast. It seems that even with the great divide in positions between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, when all is said and done people […]

There’s an attack on culture throughout the United States these days and it all has to do with money, or lack thereof. It’s not that there are people going after it because they don’t like it; rather, they’re going after it because they don’t see its purpose when weighed against other things. by kokorowashinjin I […]

By now, everyone in the country has heard about what’s going on in Wisconsin. They’re in a financial mess, and the governor has come up with a plan that he believes will work. Unfortunately for him, there’s great disagreement on his plan, and that’s led to both protests and many members of the other party […]

This week started the new administration of around 37 governors. Why anyone would want this job right now is astounding because there isn’t a single one of them walking into a pleasant situation. Every state is in financial distress. Most governors got elected promising things that there’s almost no way they can sustain. No new […]

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