For years, one of the things I’ve talked about often on this blog is the need to help the economy by going the infrastructure route. Although it comes across to some as a controversial recommendation because it means spending money to make money, I’ve always believed that those are the kinds of projects that help […]

With a historic and unexpected ruling last week by the Supreme Court (except for constitutional law professors, who predicted with 90% certainty that this Court would rule like they did), the country exploded along the lines of those in favor and those against the new Health Care Bill, which is actually called the Patient Protection […]

Back in 1984 I kept having a series of strep throat issues. My doctor at the time said that I needed to have my tonsils out. I wasn’t happy with the possibility of surgery and I wasn’t a kid anymore, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. However, 20 days before I was […]

Last February I wrote an article here titled Are You Sure You Don’t Want National Health Care Coverage? At that time, I was alluding to the fact that in California an insurance company had put in a bid to raise insurance premiums 39%, and how another one was looking to raise it’s rate 346%. This […]

Almost a year ago I wrote a post titled How To Mess Up A Health Care Bill. One of my main points in that post was talking about how people who didn’t get health care coverage yet didn’t qualify for something like Medicaid would end up paying out of pocket costs that they probably couldn’t […]

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