I’m not someone who supports outsourcing most things to other countries. It’s not that I’m against other countries sharing the wealth, so to speak. My reasons are twofold. One, I see many jobs performed in America going to other places, and I see how it’s hurt our economy. American companies create products elsewhere, then bring […]

Every once in a while you read something in your first reaction is “what the heck”. This is one of those stories. It was reported this week that cigarette makers are trying to find a way to keep the federal government from going to the United States Supreme Court to ask them to uphold racketeering […]

It’s tough being a liberal, wanting a national health care plan, not thinking it could get done, then when it seems it’s done not liking many things about it. That may be a bit much, but there are enough things I don’t like about it that I already know, and trust me I haven’t read […]

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