Back in January I wrote a post here giving my opinion on signing up for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act. It seems time to give some opinions on how it’s working out so far. ReSurge International via Compfight First off, the world didn’t collapse like conservatives were saying it would. There were […]

I plead a mea culpa. As someone who fully supports the concept of health care for all, also known these days as the Affordable Care Act, and in my role as a health care finance consultant understanding that there would be both financial benefits and negatives, I have always said that the one thing I […]

Following up on the beginning of the series on “Should You Have”, which started by talking about investing in the stock market, today we talk about health insurance in a financial manner. Adrian Clark via Compfight It’s been covered before here, such as this post titled 3 Reasons Skipping Health Insurance Is Not A Risk […]