Since health insurance has become a major issue thanks to this year’s presidential campaign, returning to a more practical and non-rhetorical, non-political discussion of health insurance seems particularly important. Many Americans out there do not have health insurance for various reasons, the most important one being they absolutely cannot afford health insurance. While this is […]

Almost a year ago I wrote a post titled How To Mess Up A Health Care Bill. One of my main points in that post was talking about how people who didn’t get health care coverage yet didn’t qualify for something like Medicaid would end up paying out of pocket costs that they probably couldn’t […]

It’s tough being a liberal, wanting a national health care plan, not thinking it could get done, then when it seems it’s done not liking many things about it. That may be a bit much, but there are enough things I don’t like about it that I already know, and trust me I haven’t read […]

There’s a story in the local news about Excellus Blue Cross, one of the larger Blue Cross companies in the nation, discovering a billing glitch in their system (a misnomer since they’re actually paying claims) which has led to both hospitals and physicians not getting paid on claims for a couple of months now. Supposedly, […]

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