Let’s face it, many people, especially young married couples, start thinking that they need to buy a house, and as soon as possible. Home ownership can be pretty cool… that is, if you can afford it. Diego da Silva via Compfight Even if you have a pretty nice salary, individual or both spouses, you might […]

Following along in our series of “Should You” topics, today we’re covering houses specifically. This was almost “homes” but then the issue gets muddied because purchasing certain types of condos could be considered homes, and in cities like New York City people purchase apartments as their homes. So we’re sticking specifically with the question of […]

Buying a home is the ultimate American Dream. However, the mortgage associated with this dream can become a lifetime problem. In order to successfully manage your mortgage you have to know the market and how you can take advantage of it. Ville Miettinen via Compfight There are a few ways to pay off your mortgage […]