Housing has been in trouble for a few years now, and the numbers have started looking a little bit better lately. However, just as the figures from when the housing problems actually began might be fudged just a little bit, it seems that some of the latest housing figures might not really be telling the […]

For the first time in 18 months, foreclosures actually slowed down, giving the housing industry a little bit of relief. But only a little bit of relief because it’s definitely only temporary. What caused the reduction? Two main things occurred. One, the federal government and state attorney generals started investigations into “robo-signing” of all those […]

Foreclosures have changed the housing industry more than anyone can imagine. They’re the fault of banks; my opinion. They’ve also ended up hurting a lot of banks, and that story is told over and over by the number of banks that have closed because of it. But the overall housing industry is reeling. Here’s the […]