Understanding how to save the most money can be a difficult challenge because finance is confusing. Every day the news discusses movements on the market, investments that pay off or collapse, and fluctuations in home prices or mortgage rates. Economists encourage people to buy, but how do you know you are negotiating a good deal? […]

Something that’s been on my mind lately is the act of selling one’s home. There are all these shows on TV that tell people how to make alterations to their home, including a lot of repairs, to try to maximize the amount of money they can put their home on the market for. via Flickr […]

CNN Money came out with a list of their top 10 predicted foreclosure hot spots for 2010. Let’s take a quick look at the cities: Boise, ID Provo, UT Portland, OR Green Bay, WI Birmingham, AL Myrtle Beach, SC Honolulu, HI Roanoke, VA Sioux Falls, SD Gulfport – Buloxi, MS The strange and scary thing […]

It was reported that home prices had gone up for three months in a row, after being in a decline for so long. Actually, home prices had been up in some areas and not in many others, but they seem to be going up in most major American cities, at least for now. Home prices […]

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