If you’d asked a novice forex trader before the subprime meltdown in 2007, if there was an obvious correlation between volatility in the American mortgage market and currency rates, you may have received a puzzled look. Since then, people’s recognition of the words “Credit Default Swap” has expanded exponentially; even if they don’t necessary know […]

I live in one of the more stable housing markets in the country. These days stable pretty much means that the value of housing in this area isn’t falling. The rate of foreclosures are higher than normal, but not close to the number other states are dealing with. by Roger Wollstadt via Flickr However, even […]

Locally there was a poll taken of consumers on what they were thinking about the housing market. Overwhelmingly it was stated that they believe it’s much easier to buy a home in this marketplace than to try to sell one. That seems to be the belief across the country as well. Large housing companies are […]