I have to admit something; I like large spaces. I’m not a small guy but that’s not the reason why. Todd Lappin via Compfight As a military kid we always lived in base housing. That’s literally kind of a 2 or 3 bedroom two-story place, depending on the size of your family, and it’s not […]

No consumer likes it when things cost more than they used to. Trying to buy a house at a higher price isn’t pleasant either. And yet, it always seems like the news is good when it’s being reported that the price of houses is going up. What’s going on? David Hoffman via Compfight Housing is […]

While a reverse mortgage can be very beneficial to seniors – in that the bank pays the homeowner every month instead of the homeowner making monthly mortgage payments to the bank – a reverse mortgage is a loan on home equity and will need to be paid back eventually. j l t via Compfight There […]