In one week a few years ago, six top financial investors, including a billionaire, were arrested and charged with fraud and conspiracy for having illegal information before making their trades, bringing them riches that they didn’t deserve. They were accused of making millions of dollars from this information over the course of 3 years. David […]

I am not a stock broker or a financial analyst. I would never expect anyone to take that kind of financial advice from me. I have looked at the stock ticker in the newspaper and online, and I sometimes think I know what’s going on, but I would never tell anyone how they should invest […]

I didn’t understand this concept of insider information as it applied to the stock market until Martha Stewart was indicted for it in 2003. It seemed like a ridiculous thing to indict her on for many reasons. One, the dollar amount was really small. Two, so someone gave her a bit of information ahead of […]

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