It amazes me how many people to this day believe insurance companies are some sort of magical service designed to protect innocent people from the pitfalls of life. The unfortunate reality is, at the end of the day insurance companies exist solely to make a profit. Don’t get me wrong, insurance companies aren’t evil conglomerates […]

Nowadays, there are a lot of insurance providers to choose from. Selecting the right company can be overwhelming. But no matter what type of policy you are buying, there are five things you should consider before choosing an insurance company. Rating There are several different organizations that rate insurance companies. Three to take notice of […]

I predict you’re going to be seeing more of this type of thing over the next year, and it’s probably about time. There’s a battle going on in the lower New York state area between Empire Blue Cross and a hospital group calling itself the Stellaris Health Network, which is a joint venture of four […]