Following up on the beginning of the series on “Should You Have”, which started by talking about investing in the stock market, today we talk about health insurance in a financial manner. Adrian Clark via Compfight It’s been covered before here, such as this post titled 3 Reasons Skipping Health Insurance Is Not A Risk […]

There is a very real reason why healthcare is such a hot political issue. An extremely costly expense is rapidly growing, each one of us has to deal with the advancing prices day in and day out. With no relief in sight, people must constantly look for ways to save money while still getting the […]

The ease with which you can purchase or renew homeowner’s insurance will differ depending on which state in America you live, but for the majority that don’t have to deal with issues such as natural disasters, it’s a straightforward process. by R. Scott Jones via Flickr It may be relatively stress-free, but it’s still another […]

I’m not someone who supports outsourcing most things to other countries. It’s not that I’m against other countries sharing the wealth, so to speak. My reasons are twofold. One, I see many jobs performed in America going to other places, and I see how it’s hurt our economy. American companies create products elsewhere, then bring […]

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