As had been predicted, insurance rates for plans that are attached to the Affordable Care Act participants have gone up anywhere from 8% to 25% depending on which area of the country you live in. The premium for my plan is going up 10% come January. Thomas Hawk via Compfight There have been many articles […]

Since health insurance has become a major issue thanks to this year’s presidential campaign, returning to a more practical and non-rhetorical, non-political discussion of health insurance seems particularly important. Many Americans out there do not have health insurance for various reasons, the most important one being they absolutely cannot afford health insurance. While this is […]

Insurance is a curious thing. We don’t ever think about it until we need it. There are some insurances that we can’t get away from even when we’re not thinking about it. Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state in the nation. Most people have some kind of health insurance, with some of the […]

Last February I wrote an article here titled Are You Sure You Don’t Want National Health Care Coverage? At that time, I was alluding to the fact that in California an insurance company had put in a bid to raise insurance premiums 39%, and how another one was looking to raise it’s rate 346%. This […]

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