The fact is that for almost every person there comes a time where you might have to consider getting some kind of personal loan. It might be for something like going to college or buying a car, or it could be something a lot smaller. No matter what it is, there are some considerations you […]

30 year fixed mortgage rates are around 4.75%, which is an almost 1.5 increase from their 52 week low. Financial experts expect interest rates to continue to climb over the next year or two before leveling off. There are certain things that should be watched in order to keep your money protected as interest rates […]

Understanding how to save the most money can be a difficult challenge because finance is confusing. Every day the news discusses movements on the market, investments that pay off or collapse, and fluctuations in home prices or mortgage rates. Economists encourage people to buy, but how do you know you are negotiating a good deal? […]