Many Americans eventually run into a problem in paying their federal taxes when they’re due. It can be because they didn’t have enough money taken out during the year or didn’t pay enough estimated tax, or even had the IRS discover that there was an error in figuring out amounts and finding that one suddenly […]

With the deadline to file taxes looming the panic begins to set in, particularly for those who keep track of their own income. Although this includes 1099’d employees, it also includes individuals that receive a W-2 from an employer but also receive tips as a regular part of their income. The protocol for filing this […]

You may dabble in several hobbies to indulge your interests and passions. For example, you may be an avid painter, crafter, or musician. You may even make some money off of your hobbies by selling your artwork, creations, and musical recordings at fairs and through websites like,, and your own official site. Yet, […]

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