Financial experts and ordinary punters around the world have been waiting for the latest consumer credit numbers to be released in the US. The numbers are out and although on a surface they give us lots of reasons to be happy, as we dig deeper, we discover a worrying trend. A positive shift was predicted […]

Who’d have thunk it. For most of the first decade of the 2000’s, people were spending money like there was no tomorrow. Even as the economy started to show signs of trouble, people kept buying. And why not; credit was easily attainable and credit card issuers couldn’t give cards away fast enough. Then in early […]

The Federal Reserve today decided not to increase interest rates, saying they’re trying to help ease unemployment and stimulate the economy, which has stagnated. However, they seem to be upbeat that unemployment didn’t get worse, which I guess is a mixed blessing at best. That standards for how “well” the economy is going are so […]

I don’t know why, but I’m almost insulted by this. It seems that not only are the rest of us worried about interest rate hikes, the banks are also worried about interest rate hikes. Why is that? Because it seems that while many people haven’t been able to take advantage of the interest rate decreases […]

For awhile there, I started to feel like I was the only one picking on Citigroup, and wondering what everyone else was missing. None of the news looked like it was either calling out Citigroup for some of what’s been going on, or were totally missing the point. I started to wonder if maybe I […]

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