The last blog post of 2015 here was related to finding ways to relieve financial stress. There are some pretty good tips in that post, if I say so myself (I do since I wrote it) but I didn’t mention whether or not any of them were part of my own financial goals. Matre via […]

This is the 3rd day of my posts this week on training programs I’m looking to put together. I skipped Wednesday because I didn’t want to overwhelm folks on this blog with all the advertising; like a one day break changes things all that much. Trust this guy; he is me In yesterday’s post I […]

Learning to trade options isn’t as difficult of a process as many beginning traders may think. Sure, there is a learning curve, and you’re likely to see some losses in the beginning, but almost anyone can learn the basics of option trading with a proper level of commitment. For some though, trading seems to come […]

Just like there’s a season for holiday shopping, there’s a season for yard sales. The best time of year to hold a yard sale is in the spring and the fall, when the weather is perfect (not too hot and not too cold) and people are looking for things to do outside. Since many people […]

Last week, after months of record growth, the stock market finally started to take a bit of a tumble. This was based on some financial information that speculators decided wasn’t in their best interest that came from Ben Bernanke, which didn’t seem so bad to me or anyone else, yet seemed to scare investors enough […]

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