The last blog post of 2015 here was related to finding ways to relieve financial stress. There are some pretty good tips in that post, if I say so myself (I do since I wrote it) but I didn’t mention whether or not any of them were part of my own financial goals. Matre via […]

This is the 3rd day of my posts this week on training programs I’m looking to put together. I skipped Wednesday because I didn’t want to overwhelm folks on this blog with all the advertising; like a one day break changes things all that much. Trust this guy; he is me In yesterday’s post I […]

Learning to trade options isn’t as difficult of a process as many beginning traders may think. Sure, there is a learning curve, and you’re likely to see some losses in the beginning, but almost anyone can learn the basics of option trading with a proper level of commitment. For some though, trading seems to come […]