This is almost a stupid question because everyone needs to know how to handle their finances. However, when one thinks about it we understand that some people are actually pretty good at handling their money, even growing their money, whether they need to live within their means or can splurge from time to time. Kristina […]

It’s everyone’s dream to win a huge jackpot that will help you to pay off your house or maybe even set you up for life. While big wins like these are rare, it is more possible that you could win a couple thousand dollars playing the slots in Vegas or hitting a few numbers in […]

Not everyone is lucky enough to inherit a large sum of money. In fact, some people find that they are the ones supporting their own elderly parents. But, if you are one of the lucky ones who receive an inheritance, how do you honor it and not blow your money? Alex Cockroach via Compfight Slow […]

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11th tragedies that the United States had to deal with. The first plane hit at 8:46AM; the second plane hit around 9:03. Because of the first plane hit and its proximity to the Stock Exchange, it didn’t start at 9AM like it usually does; when the second […]

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