It seems that Visa and Mastercard are lamenting the old days of being able to stick it to, well, us. That’s because a new law will eliminate many of the fees they’ve been adding to transactions for years, which have driven up prices, in essence saying they’re frivolous and not needed for the reason these […]

Did you know that the Department of Justice had sued Visa, Mastercard and American Express on our behalf, and is still battling American Express in court? Yup, about two months ago the DOJ sued all 3 companies for basically trying to ice out any competitors, including store cards, from competing against them through some of […]

Every once in awhile I take a good look at my credit card statement. It’s something I didn’t used to check until one day, about 5 years ago, I noticed I was being charged for something that I couldn’t ever remember signing up for. It turned out I’d been being billed for something nearly 2 […]