The NYSE has fallen for the sixth week in a row, and finally dipped below 12,000. Although I’m not all that surprised, since I keep trying to figure out what financial statistics made it grow to that extent in the first place, it seems that the never ending worries about gas and oil have a […]

In today’s complex global economy, everything is connected. The advance of technology and communication over the last few decades has served to create an ever-increasing connectedness across multiple asset classes. However, one of the clearest correlations that exists is the one between the price of oil and specific currency prices in the foreign exchange market. […]

No doubt I’m not the only person was noticed a gas prices going up lately. It seems like it was less than a month ago when gas prices locally were around $2.60. Today gas prices locally are at $2.92 a gallon. What the heck is going on? Supposedly, gas prices are up anywhere from 55% […]

Over the winter, when gas and oil prices were very low, I kept wondering why my utility bill was so high, and getting higher every month. Sure, I live in a cold part of the country, but it was my thought that when prices when down, my bill would go down. I was even on […]

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