For most purchases I’m not a “whim” type of person. There are only two instances where I will go for what I want without thought; food and movies. By movies, I mean purchasing DVDs. When I want a particular title, usually I’ll just hop in the car and go to Barnes & Noble because once […]

Last week news came out that Best Buy’s sales performance was pretty weak. The speculation was that people going into the stores to look at merchandise, then going home and ordering it through online stores was the reason for the problem and that it might be time for them to start exploring a different business […]

With ‘Cyber Monday’ grossing more than $1 billion in sales this year, it’s a fair assumption that the number of people who are using the internet to do their shopping will continue to increase well into 2013. Not only is shopping online convenient but consumers now have the power to save large sums of money […]

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