Once again we have a story about a payday lender being fined by a government for unfriendly practices towards consumers. Cash America International, which has both pawn shops and payday lending offices, was fined $19 million dollars for improper paperwork towards military personnel and also destroying records when the federal government came calling. Whereas states […]

I hate the concept of payday loans so much I wrote my own negative position on the subject here, and only accept articles that are against people doing it. For those of you who don’t know what these are, their loans you can get from companies that will tide you over until your next paycheck. […]

When payday feels like it just won’t come quickly enough, it’s easy to look for ways to get money sooner. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could borrow a little bit to tide us over for a few days or a month at most and then give it back as soon as we get our […]

As many potential guest posters have learned by now, I have an intense hatred for the concept of payday loans. I thought it was time to write about it so that, hopefully, it will prevent more people from sending me material wanting to promote it or any website that offers it. What payday loans offer […]

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